22nd International Symposium on Correlation, Polarization and Ionization in Atomic and Molecular Collisions

Program: (status August 4)

Time Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2023 Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023 Friday, Aug. 4, 2023 Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023
8:00 Registration (continued)
8:45 Introduction
Session 1 (photon)
Chair: U. Ancarani
Session 5 (lepton)
Chair: A. Dorn
Session 9 (photon)
Chair: R. Kanya
9:00 Reinhard Dörner (Germany)
From Compton scattering to Photoionization beyond the dipole approximation
Andreas Wolf (Germany)
Exploring low-energy electron collisions with diatomic cations by merged-beams experiments in a cryogenic storage ring
Paola Bolognesi (Italy)
The Struggle of Dipeptides for Life
9:45 Luca Argenti (USA)
Ab initio methods for autoionization dynamics in atomic and molecular attosecond spectroscopy
Noboru Watanabe (Japan)
Symmetry breaking in electron-impact dissociative ionization of symmetric molecules
Andrew Maxwell (Denmark)
Entanglement of orbital angular momentum in non-sequential double ionization
10:15 Coffee/Posters Coffee/Posters Coffee/Posters
Session 2 (lepton)
Chair: E. Sokell
Session 6 (photon)
Chair: D.M. Mootheril
Session 10 (photon)
Chair: F. Fernandez
11:00 Kate Nixon (UK)
Towards electron momentum spectroscopy of benzonitrile
Divya Bharti (Germany/India)
Multi-sideband interference structures observed via high-order photon-induced continuum-continuum transitions
Antonio Picon (Spain)
Ultrafast site-selective spectroscopy for observing chemical bond changes
11:30 Peter Stokes (Australia)
Calculating cross sections using machine learning
David Busto (Germany/Sweden)
Attosecond photoelectron interferometry: from photoionization time delays to quantum state tomography
Fabian Holzmeier (Belgium)
Influence of Shape Resonances on the Angular Dependence of Molecular Photoionization Delays
12:00 COPIAMC Committee Meeting COPIAMC Business Meeting Praveen Maroju (Sweden)
Attosecond coherent control of electronic wave packets in two-colour photoionization at a seeded FEL (FERMI)
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Session 3 (heavy-particle)
Chair: M. Ciappina
Session 7 (Madison, heavy-particle, lepton)
Chair: K. Bartschat
End of Conference
14:30 Zoltan Juhasz (Hungary)
Distribution of sub-eV H+ fragments ejected from the H2 molecule by ion impact: molecular-rotation-induced splitting of the binary ridges
Michael Schulz (USA)
From Fully Differential Electron to Ion Impact Studies of Ionization: the Legacy of Don Madison
15:00 Alicja Domaracka (France)
Ion interaction with complex molecular systems: charge migration and reactivity
Timothy Gay (USA) 15:15
Dynamics of the Scattering of Chiral Electrons by Chiral Molecules
15:30 Mark Stockett (Sweden)
Ionization mechanisms and radiative stabilization of an interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecule
James Colgan (USA) 15:45
The legacy of Don Madison: electron-molecule collisions
16:00 Registration opens Alisher Kadyrov (Australia)
Energy and angular distributions of electrons emitted in proton collisions with He and H2
Allison Harris (USA) 16:15
A Twist on Electron and Photon Collisions
16:30 Coffee/Posters Coffee/Posters
Session 4 (photon)
Chair: L. Petersson
Session 8 (lepton)
Chair: M. Horbatsch
17:30 Oksana Travnikova (France)
Hard-X-ray-induced ultrafast dynamics in deep-core-ionised molecules
Jiaqi Zhou (China)
Ultrafast energy and charge transfer in molecular complexes initiated by electron impact
18:00 Reception Diego Arbo (Argentina)
Holographic Representation in Atomic Photoionization
19:00 Conference Dinner